Your life partner is a big key to your success.Don’t be stupid.Handsome, tall, elegant, rich etc all that is rubbish.Be with some one who is able to deal with you. He should be confident and sure enough that he will stand you for life.Girls we tend to ignore what’s in front of us and keep imagining things. We tend to think you can change a man to our like, well girl ,you are not God.Be honest with your self ,know your self and decide which one of the many guys Will be able to influence you to chess your dreams.Are you ambitious? An ambitious woman is not managed by every tom and jerry.Otherwise you will scare him off while he fights to get dominion.Don’t do things on an emotional level, if you feel like your with him because you feel your heart is on fire, damn go and swim and cool.Don’t curse men because you gave your self to a man who can’t handle you. What do you expect ? Of course the both of you shall be miserable, it won’t work. Choose carefully after accessing who you really are and bond accordingly.

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