LTB music

Your life is the most important of all.

Finally today my fears vanished. I always asked my self whether l would ever go to a pharmacy or shop to buy a condom. Even when l challenged my self to do so many times,l ended at the door steps. That’s how shy l was, nevertheless l always thought its a responsibility of a man. Guess what?,today I purchased them my self boldly and it wasn’t wired as l thought.

It conjured a memory,two yes ago l was in a relationship I was so serious about,this is the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but unfortunately we had a heavy misunderstanding and went separate ways. He moved on with my friend and l moved on to but things didn’t work for either sides. We realised we were irreplaceable in each others lives,thus mended our differences. We started by going for a blood check up to make sure our affairs were safe.

Guess what? I received a call immediately after taking my sample of blood,so l had to leave and left him to get the results. This is the last time l sow him,l called him min after min,hour after hour,day after day,month after month but he rejected them until he changed the number. I failed to move on because out of the blue my love was shuttered. He didn’t give me a closure,neither did he give me a sign that he needed me no more. I was very well aware how much he loved me,and there was no way l could pickup the pieces. l tried to move one relationship to another but a joke was on me. Until l was made to believe that love is not ment for me and found a carrier of music that became my love.

A month ago,l meet the guy in one of my shows,a lot happened with my body and emotions but well,l sat him down to give me an explanation why he had to mess up my life in such a manner.

He burst to tears and explained to me, “l left you because l loved you very much and l could never face my self ruining a life of a young,bright,innocent girl of my life. l was miss lead by your friend once and failed to trust you and until now l have been paying for hurting you. Your friend provided me fake evidence that you were cheating on me and blindly l fell for her tricks. That was my reason for my first breakup with you. l was hurt blindly and by comforting me,l ended up in her bed . what l never realised,she was sick. That night we went for checkup,l realised l had gotten infected in those three months we were apart,unlike you were OK.. I knew how much you loved me,and l got mad over my self and the only thing l would do was go to exile. I couldn’t betray you selfishly but until now,your the only woman l have ever loved but am sorry am unworthy”….

Ehhhhhh,l was so shocked that the pain l was going through everyday was for my good. It was a noble thing to do that most of us can’t do.

*If you must cheat,use protection. If you are sick,don’t transmit, your frustration won’t be solved by affecting more. Last but not least,don’t leave the responsibility of protection to only man,women your equally responsible, this is your life. Lastly,if you have a misunderstanding, breakup and jumping into another relationship so early is equally a much more disaster.


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