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Men truly love than women,discuss.

Its true men slip away,cheat and are impatient,but in my own research,l have realised men truly love more than women. If you land on a man that loves you,he will get the moon for u,take his life for u,die protecting woman,give u all the hard work of his life,he will silently do everything for u. Its true women are more patient and endure a lot. Go to history ” more men HV died for love than women”.When a woman is richer than a man,the man is to be controlled like a dog,with less respect.
Unlike man who will be restless until his woman gets all she needs.
I don’t mean that women don’t truly love,we do but we are more like drummer queens.
lf u are still cursing the man your with,things are not working out.,you definitely pressed a wrong button. He is someone else’s Adam. These idiots deeply love 🤵 than you can ever imagine. They silently do there thing. 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Crushing on men tonight..👏👏👏…..Men in the house, l acknowledge your mightiness.
Am sorry ladies today.

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